Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Searching for the ultimate adult novelty site to get inspiration from.

There are so many websites out there selling adult novelties. I just don't know which one I am going to use as my inspiration. Being from Dallas there are a few sites I would of course be more prone to use. We have so many different stores here in Dallas that sell these wonderful things, but not too many of them are online. I like going into the store sometimes to check out the products, but I really don't want Zone'd Erotica or Condom Sense showing on my credit card statement. I am a little protective of where I want people to know I have shopped. There is a company in Dallas I recently ordered from called Dallas Novelty, and it appears as something much more discreet on my billing statement, which makes me a lot more comfortable. Plus it has a very easy to understand website. We will see in the next coming few days which one I will choose. I want ease of ordering, confidentiality, and customer service.

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