Monday, January 10, 2011


Sorry everyone, I know it has taken me a little while to get back to you. I have been on the road since last Tuesday. First we started our journey to Las Vegas for the AEE/ANE show. That was really informative, met a lot of manufacturers and distributors. I was lucky to be able to travel with Dallas Novelty because Nick knows everyone. I got a lot of samples from some great companies like Swiss Navy, Luz De La Riva, WET, Evolved, and a few others. I really am going to be looking forward to the next few weeks when I will get to try all these fun things. As you will know from reading my previous blogs I lean towards trying all the new lubricants and vibrators. One toy I am really excited about is the Icicles Glass Wands by Pipedreams. This is a new rabbit glass vibe The Icicles #16 on most websites. I definitely look forward to experimenting with this great new toy. I will write more as soon as I can.

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