Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun Bath Time

I am always looking for fun and romantic things to do during bath time.

A nice way to add a little romance to a long hot bubble bath is with the Rose Petal Soap Flakes by Cal Exotics. These look great when they are floating around you in the tub and they have a great rose scent. Plus since they come in a cute pretty well sealed container you can keep them in the bathroom and not worry about them "melting" like some soaps do.

Want to add a little fun to the bath, add this Sexy Suds glow in the dark bubble bath to your water and you will start to glow. It comes in two fun flavors of Raspberry and Sweet Melon. This is a fun product to play with, just make sure you expose the bottle to light before use, and while you are in the tub if the glow dims, just turn the lights back on for a few seconds to recharge.

Ever wanted to bath in champagne, but didn't want to pay a fortune to do it? Well, this is your chance, with the Pink Champagne Strawberry Flavored Bubble Bath. This bubble bath is highly concentrated to produce a plentiful amount of luscious bubbles. Plus a fun fact, it is made with real California champagne. This product is great because it is jacuzzi and hot tub friendly. Also enriched with Vitamin E and B5.

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