Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exotic Heart Body Jewelry

Have you ever wanted the sexy look of a Navel ring or Nipple ring but don't want the pain or permanency involved with an actual piercing. The the Asian Hearts collection if for you, they offer both an Asian Hearts Navel Ring or Asian Hearts Nipple Rings.

Asian Hearts Navel Ring is three chains suspended from a metal ring, each with a hot red heart attached to the end.

Asian Hearts Nipple Rings are two metal rings featuring a non piercing design. Each chain has two chains attached with a red heart attached at the end.

I really like these two products as a Valentine's surprise. I have never really been into piercings or the pain involved in having anything pierced. However, these rings are easy to apply and they stay in place pretty well. Plus the added bonus is they look hot. I love the way they bounce and sway when you move. Definitely a nice surprise for your lover!

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